Curators of everyday adventures

A long walk in the forest, on the beach, or in the fields. Sitting on a bench looking at the horizon, at the sea, or at the mountains. Listening to your favorite CD, reading a book, going to the office for a new day at work.
Every adventure or escape deserves a bag to accompany it.


We perceive our customers as faraway friends, like-minded people who share our spirit of living. We like to think about you as adventurers, not in the sense that you like the thrill of adventure, but that you feel the thrill of living your everyday life, accompanied by your Ghisò bags, that share life with you.

Luxury bags / made in Italy
Luxury bags / made in Italy


Ghisò is a status: we aim at lasting. Our mission is to provide you with quality products that will accompany you in your everyday life, impriming themselves with the colors of your experiences. And who knows… maybe, your sons and daughters will be able to impress theirs too.

The Team

Ghisò arises from the common passion of friends,
working together for the world of Ghisò for the last 20 years.

 Living between Milan and Geneva, they have traveled the world discovering the most amazing people and places, thinking every time they could stay a bit longer and eventually move there, but then always happy to come back home. From their story, they coined the sentence that is now the claim of their brand: “Curators of everyday adventures”. It is not necessary to be far away to have stories to tell. Everyday brings new adventures, and our everyday life, which we sometimes tire of, is the best story to tell.

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