We want our customers to feel special, just as the masterpiece they wear.


Our entire supply chain develops in Tuscany, within a radius of 80 km. Everything is sourced and created here: from the materials to the final products, crafted in our small, Tuscan lab mostly made of women, who transfer their passion into every single, unique piece they produce. Ghisò is at your fingertips: it’s just you and us. Indeed, our distribution system is direct to consumer, which allows us to offer the best price for the quality.

The size of our workshop, combined with our scream of uniqueness and exclusivity, makes each of our collections consists of 30/40 pieces.

Slow luxury

Coining the term ‘slow luxury’, Ghisò’s raison d’être is to ethically and sustainably create beautiful, long-lasting pieces intended to accompany the wearers on their life’s journey. Slow luxury applied to our bags, signifies that the luxury we provide does not end in one season, does not change with fashion. It is, indeed, slow, durable, meant to accompany the wearer during life time: time itself, according to Ghisò, is the most precious luxury at all.

sustainable luxury / leather bags
sustainable luxury / leather bags


Stating our bags are evergreen cannot be limited to their style. Durability is the core of our products: we look for certified, quality materials, that have what it takes to truly accompany our clients throughout their lives and tell their stories. 

Our suppliers are carefully selected among the best Tuscan small businesses, according to the principles of sustainable production and short supply chain.

We only want valuable companions for our adventurers.


The wearers tell the story of the brand they carry; our story is told throughout their everyday lives. We approach people, not genders, neither races. This is why we create bags that are suitable for any kind of person: male, female, adult, young, of any country and any place. As long as they are willing to share their story with us.

Our bags are for creative-travellers: enthusiasts, lovers, onlookers, creators, storytellers.

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