House of Ghisò

We believe in uniqueness

Ghisò combines the art of Tuscan craftsmanship with a simple style, outside of fashion and its rules, with an eye always turned to the future. Ghisò is evergreen, a brand of its own that respects the principles of sustainability and durability. Our quality products are made to last, just as the long-standing tradition of Italian craftsmanship on which our roots are based. Our products carry our life philosophy with them, and we believe our customers will feel it too.



Iconic by nature

Our bags literally are imbued with the stories of the wearer. Handcrafted in vegetable tanned leather, their color evolves over time: you change over the course of life, and your bag changes with you. In the meantime, it never gets old. The high quality materials we choose, such as the fine leathers from the GVT tannery in Tuscany, ensure the bag to remain uncut during years. The strategy we adopt to create our bags also aims at guaranteeing the durability of the product: with large leather dials and few seams, the risk of damage of any kind is minimized. However, we do offer a "lifetime warranty" on our bags as a testament to our transparency and firm belief in the quality and durability of our products, which will not abandon you in your everyday adventures.

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