The Sense of Slow Luxury – Staying at Craveiral Farmhouse

From the first moment you check-in at Craveiral Farmhouse, you understand that you are about to live an unforgettable experience. The warm hospitality, the architecture and design defining the space, and the vibrant energy around the amazing swimming pool and restaurant area all contribute to a great sense of relaxed excitement. The place looks authentic, stylish and comfortable. 

Craveiral Farmhouse is the passion project of its founder, Pedro Franca Pinto, a Lisbon lawyer who had dreams of becoming a farmer. A life defining project, he bought the land over 10 years ago, taking an unloved field of carnations and transforming it into Craveiral Farmhouse. More than a luxury hotel, it is dedicated to leaving a positive impact on the world, providing unique experiences for guests looking to connect with nature and understand rural life. 

Bicycle at Craveiral Farmhouse


Crafting the hospitality experience: The vision of a creative traveler

Our encounter with Pedro starts around coffees at one of the tables of the amazing restaurant. While he shares with us his vision for modern, exclusive, and sustainable hospitality, we are constantly surprised by the sense of beauty and well being sourrounding us.

As Pedro says, “Modern hospitality is about emotions, experiences, and the emotional memories that we take with us. Is about living. Being. Belonging. And not pretending.”

“Our customer looks for an individual and family experience, authentic, comfortable and doesn’t care about what people think. Our customer doesn’t look for a bling bling place. He prefers the simplicity of a hidden place.”

Ghisò's concept of slow luxury, driver of the brand, materializes in the experience we live at Craveiral Farmhouse.


A sustainable concept of tourism 

Sustainable farming is natural at Craveiral

The place is in community with nature. Sustainability is naturally at the center of everything here. The project has brought an important presence to the region, and Craveiral Farmhouse acts as an important actor of responsible economic development. The farm-to-table kitchen is amazing and while we walk through the vegetable garden, we cross chefs picking the products they will soon cook.

Future plans for Pedro are full of excitement. " For the future I want to convert golf courses in regenerative farming and create sustainable places to live in, near the city, with the feeling and way of living of the countryside".

As for Craveiral Farmhouse, we adopt the same principles of respect for nature and traditions. The achievement of this is fueled by the passion and care we adopt in the selection of leathers and fabrics, in line with our slow luxury aspiration and in search for the most natural and responsible materials.

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