House of Ghisò

Welcome to the House of Ghisò

We are happy and proud to present you with a new chapter in the story of our brand.
We have been away for a while, have learned new jobs, visited new places and made new friends. We have grown, and so did our passion for designing and manufacturing respectful, durable and beautiful products. Our clients,  world travelers, are curious and inspired. Our mission is to provide them with everyday companions, bags that can endure daily usage while evolving beautifully with time. 
Our manufacturing focuses on limited productions, entirely made in Tuscany by small, family-owned ateliers. We support crafting traditions and traditional methods of producing and tanning. At the same time, we collaborate with our suppliers to develop sustainable and durable materials. Our choice of materials is carefully conducted, with the objective to sourcing, high quality vegetable tanned leathers and organic fabrics, produced in the same region where we manufacture, reducing useless transportation of raw materials and ensuring full quality control. 

Some things have changed, and we have decided to sell directly to final customers, through our site and through temporary shops. This allows us to work with smaller margins, and finally to offer our products at a much lower price than in the past.

Our vision

leather selection

Our manufacturing will focus on small production runs. This allows us to better plan the entire supply chain, working hand in hand with our suppliers, developing a conscious vision of the brand growth.

For you this means purchasing products available in small batches, through pre-order campaigns and accessing smaller inventory constantly refurbished. Since we have decided to focus our distribution directly to end customers, through our site and through temporary shops, we are able to work with smaller margins, and finally to offer our products at a lower price than in the past.