Will you take me for a Pic Nic?

The story of a collaboration born out of passion. A nearly accidental meeting (but does chance not often do things well?). A discussion developed around the theme of products that seem to match the tastes of Ghisò and Picnic Club.


Thus, this project was born, evolving from emails to meetings to phone calls, into a first mini collection: two bags that wonderfully summarize the product philosophy of Ghisò and the sophisticated spirit of The Picnic Club.

The two tote bags, designed as an everyday accessory, are made of natural linen, produced in Tuscany, and vegetable-tanned cowhide, also from Tuscany. For the linings, Ghisò proposed a selection of upcycled fabrics from a production intended for upholstery fabric. These linings enrich the products with floral or striped patterns, thematically matched to a series of Picnics, imagined by Paola, the founder of The Picnic Club.

Ghisò, whose production is based in Florence, has rooted its work philosophy in sustainability, a principle that permeates every aspect of its production. The decision to localize the entire production chain around Florence is a testament to its commitment to minimizing environmental impact, while also contributing to the economic and social fabric of the local area. The exclusive use of organic, recycled materials and Tuscan vegetable-tanned leathers is not just an ethical choice but also a tribute to Italian craftsmanship, recognized worldwide for its quality and attention to detail.

This limited production offers 5 themes: Lake Picnic, Versilia, Ligurian Riviera, Countryside, and Sicily.

The products are now accompanied by a digital passport, developed in collaboration with the startup Vaultik, which certifies their originality and provides all the relevant information about the bag. The Digital Passport is part of one of the recent projects that Ghisò has developed to strengthen transparency and trust with its customers.

The Picnic Club series will be available exclusively on the Ghisò online sales platform, further emphasizing the unique and sought-after nature of the products, leveraging selective distribution that prioritizes quality over quantity.

With this collaboration, Ghisò and The Picnic Club are not just producing accessories ; they have chosen to create stories woven with threads of sustainability and innovation, which intertwine harmoniously with the sophistication and lively spirit of The Picnic Club. The series dedicated to themed picnics, ranging from lakeside shores to vibrant Sicily, invites customers to carry a piece of Italian art in their daily adventures, reminding that every detail is the result of a conscious and environmentally respectful choice.