Born in the Tuscan hills around Florence, this summer limited edition perfectly represents the Slow Luxury philosophy of Ghisò: a conscious production, respectful of the environment, and made using exclusively 100% natural, organic materials. A way to demonstrate Ghisò's commitment to sustainability by combining Italian artisan tradition and bold creativity. The results? A poetic hymn to the power of nature, made to carry your summer must-have around cities, mountains, or seas. 

Stampa dei tessuti - capsule collections

This limited edition of unique designs is the result of a collaborative creative project with Tuscan designer and artisan Alessio Infidi. This unconventional artist is amongst few in Italy who has managed to preserve, perfect, and evolve the tradition of printing using organic vegetal materials in a natural way, with extraordinary results. As a brand that wants to symbolize how the world of fashion can create virtuous circles by minimizing the impact on the environment, we believe that exploring tannins' usage to create unique patterns and designs on fabrics is a truly distinctive approach.

Each creation is made of organic fabrics - Italian recycled lined, organic recycled cotton, both produced in Tuscany - enhanced by a unique leaves and branches vegetable tannins’ transfer.
An artisanal technique entirely made by hand, that makes each tote bag unique and non-replicable. For years, Alessio has been perfecting the technique to master the process of tannins transfer, understanding how seasonality influences the process and building extensive knowledge of botany to select local leaves and flowers in harmony with nature and seasons, without impacting the health and growth of plants.

The natural tannins’ transfer process consists of a few main steps, starting with the preparation of fabric fibers through a series of baths in water added with natural mineral salt, then the drying in which fabrics are exposed to natural fresh air, and lastly the color transfer in which leaves and flowers are laid on fabric panels to create patterns. These are finally heated in traditional wood fire ovens to transfer tannins to the fabric. The overall process takes about five days. Fabric panels are finally cut and assembled by hand at Ghisò’s workshops, in the heart of Florence.

Each bag requires approximately ten days to be produced. Every piece of the collection is unique and cannot be replicated.

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